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Overall Performance
PRP Continuous Power kVA45
PRP Continuous Power kW35
LTP Stand-by Power kVA50
LTP Stand-by Power kW40
Power factor cos 0.8
Voltage VAC400/230
Frequency Hz50
Ampere PRP/LTP65/72
Speed RPM 1500
Dimensions and noise level
Length mm 2000
Width mm960
Height mm 1263
Net Weight kg1008
Gross Weight kg 1043
Sound pressure at 7 mt dBA69.00
Engine Brand Perkins
Model 1103A-33TG1
PRP Power kW41.30
LTP Power Kw45.60
Nr. Cylinders 3
Air intake Turbocharged
Cooling Water
Cubic Capacity 3.30
Speed regulationMechanical
Performance Class – steady state regulator accuracy +/- %G2 – 0.75  
Voltage VDC12
Loud Step G1 – KWe-           
Loud Step G2 – KWe-           
Loud Step G3 – KWe-           
Emissions -           
Structure Data
Type of structure STONE
Tank Capacity L50
Retention Basin Yes
Exhaust diameter mm50
  Fuel Consumption
Consumption 25% l/h3.40
Consumption 50% l/h 5.70
Consumption 75% l/h 6.20
Consumption 100% l/h 10.70
Autonomy at 75% of load h. = 6 h
  Engine liquids and equipment
Type of lubricant Oil SAE 15W40
Lubricant capacity l.*8.30
Type of coolant Antifreeze liquid
Coolant capacity l.*10.20
Ait intake filter Paper cartridge
Battery capacity Ah70
Number of batteries*1
  Fuel System and Energy Balance
AC pump suction head kPa2
Combustion air flow volume LTP m3/min3.10
Cooling air capacity LTP m3/min53.00
Exhaust gas flow-density LTP m3/min7.70
Exhaust gas temperature LTP *C537.00
Brake mean effective pressure kPa10.00
Energy to exhaust LTP kWt35.00
Energy to coolant LTP kWt 30.00
Energy to radiation LTP kWt 6.00
Alternator brand Stamford
Model S1L2-N1
Type of excitation Self-excited
Type of regulation AVR
Regulator precision +/- %1.00
Control Panel Features QFIP-4510-PT3 No.1. CEE 63A 400V No. 1. CEE 32A 400V No. 2. CEE 16A 230V No. 1. Schuko 16A 230V Thermal breaker Circuit breaker Controller DSE4510
  • Voltmeter, Frequencymeter, Ammeter
  • Generator power (kW, kV Ar, kV A & pf) monitoring
  • Hour meter
  • Fuel level meter
  • Overload (kW & kV Ar) protection
  • Low oil pressure protection
  • High coolant temperature protection
  • Low fuel level protection
  • Battery charger alternator fault
  • Rpm protection
Emergency stop button Quick connector for remote start/ATS On/off switch  

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