Item Description

  • Air pollution/STAGE V (2016/1628 EU) description: This regulation on pollutant emissions in Europe concerns all non-road mobile motorized engines used in Europe; i.e. all machinery equipped with a combustion engine (petrol, diesel, gas), excluding vehicles which may be moved to be used, either for personal or professional usage.
  • Sound power 94 LWA noise pollution/2000/14/EC description: This is the European Directive on sound power for outdoor machines. The sound level limit for generators over 3.1 kW is 97 dB(A).
  • Fluid retention container > soil pollution/contributing to the respect of "clean work sites".
  • Design of the enclosure and coolant enables an ATB* of 49 °C (*ATB = air to boil = this is the external temperature beyond which the radiator can no longer cool the engine).
  • High-tech enclosure: European steel offering high resistance to corrosion > Design combining uncompromising cooling and sound level.
  • Water-cooled engine.
  • The Bluetooth unit which, paired with the app, enables access to:
    • The inventory of generators.
    • The maintenance schedule.
    • Help with maintenance.
    • The map of partner dealers.

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 Diesel 10 LC A Silence C5Diesel 10 LC A Silence AVR C5Diesel 15 LC TA Silence C5Diesel 15 LC TA Silence AVR C5
Alternator type  LargerAVRLargerAVR
Voltage  230 V230 V400 V400 V
MAX power  8.3 kW8.3 kW11.9 kVA11.9 kVA
COP power  7.2 kW7.2 kW8 kW8 kW
Autonomy  10 hrs 25 mins10 hrs 25 mins10 hrs 25 mins10 hrs 25 mins
Guaranteed sound power level LwAdB(A) 94 LW94 LW94 LW94 LW
Acoustic pressure level @1m dB(A)/@7m dB(A)78m dB(A)/65m dB(A)78m dB(A)/65m dB(A)78m dB(A)/65m dB(A)78m dB(A)/65m dB(A)
Dimensions (LxWxH) in cm  121 X 79 X 105121 X 79 X 105121 X 79 X 105121 X 79 X 105
Weight  310 kg310 kg315 kg315 kg

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